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In 3 decades in the leadership space I get the privilege to meet many leading edge thought leaders who are making a profound difference with the human condition & Ela is a complete ‘standout’ - her determination, drive, passion, enthusiasm dedication to her calling to transcend limiting beliefs & co-create an exceptional life personally & professionally is beyond commendable! Given her age to have achieved what we had is a credit to her & she is without a doubt one to watch! Cannot recommend her highly enough if you are ready to live & lead an extraordinary life!

—Sally Anderson - Leadership Coach To Influencers

Ela is a truly gifted and phenomenal coach. I initially reached out as I was suffering from anxiety and I had trauma that was impacting my everyday life and abilities and I felt directionless. Ela took the time to support my transformation exactly as I needed it. Through this period I lost my dad, she was the absolute best person to have on my team through this difficult period. Ela is a natural leader and inspiration. I highly recommend having Ela as your personal coach or to support your business endeavours. Thank you Ela, I will be forever grateful for your knowledge, patience and unstoppable energy.

—Emma Hill - Lewis - Business Capability Consultant

Advocate. Mentor. Educator. Ambassador. Entrepreneur. Leader. Innovator. Influencer. Champion. These words do not encapsulate Ela Staniak’s impact on those with whom she comes into contact. She is a powerhouse that honours each person by presenting a safe space for others to share. A true testament to this was a 3-day global summit I recently organized sponsored by the Phenomenal Women Unite. Ela was among the first speakers on the first day. Her presence and words captivated the audience such that she set the tone for the weekend. Ela coupled professionalism with compassion; quite necessary considering the sensitive content of the summit. Multiple attendees commented throughout and after the event attesting to the significance of her talk. Ela’s renowned passion for High-Performance Executive and Feminine Leadership is unmatched. 


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